I love planning family photo sessions with my clients and so I wanted to put together a list of ideas to start to help you plan for your next family photo session. When you have figured out what you would like your family photo session to look like, contact me. I bet we can fit a couple of your ideas into a fun, carefree session.

Playing in the Yard

I mean, if memories don't consist of chalk dust all over your hands and clothes, bubbles being blown (& popped), and countless hours of swinging.... were you ever even a kid (or parent, lol)? Yes, we can run around field and take beautiful photos while also yelling at your kids not to get dirty in that field and to smile OR we can play in the sprinkler, blow all the bubbles, swing on all the swings, jump on a trampoline, and make magic using our imagination and little bit of dirt.

Making a Meal

This is the most popular idea that people love to do and see. It can be as simple as a snack break or a bbq outside. Breakfast is the cutest too because you stay in your cutest jammies and kiddos usually have a lot of their memories tied up in eating pancakes on a Saturday morning and then snuggling on the couch with some cartoons (I know I have a lot of my childhood memories in weekend mornings).

little girl pouring a water into pancake batter
waffle breakfast made for a family photo session at home

Family Games & Silly Play

Board games, video games, living room forts, arts & crafts, and even playing in a box... Whatever fun and silly things your family loves to do! Some of these things are very unique to an individual family because it's their special moment captured!

Favorite Hangout

If you're family has a favorite place to go strawberry picking, grab ice cream, a park to walk & play, an awesome area you like to grab food at and explore, etc. Wherever your family is happiest, let's explore!

Let's face it, there are so many more ideas we can come up with to plan your session and so many more photos I can share. Any of these sound like fun ideas you'd like to do during your session? Contact me and we can start planning! Your home is the most fun place to photograph your family, but there are so many fun and interesting places around Charlotte, NC to explore together!