Adoption is a beautiful and life-changing experience for both the adopting family and the child, it can also be an overwhelming and difficult experience for the adopting family as well. It can feel lonely and exciting. One of the most important steps in the adoption process is creating an adoption profile book, which is a collection of photos and information that potential birth parents can use to get to know the adoptive family. Whether you are just beginning on this journey or have already begun your journey and looking to update your adoption profile book, updated professional photos are an important resource for your book. Your profile book is the first thing that connects you to the expectant person who has been handed several other profile books to look through. Connecting visually through beautiful photos and design is a sure fire way to stick out in the crowd. You are awesome, you are going to make an amazing parent, why not show yourself off for who you genuinely are?!?

Make sure to get photos of not only you as a couple, but also of yourselves as individuals, the rooms in your home, the places you enjoy, activities you do, etc.

If you're in need of Charlotte, NC photography for your adoption profile book I would be honored to help you showcase your family story.

3 Reasons Professional Photos are Important for Adoption Profile Books:

  1. Professional photos are high-quality and well-composed, making them more visually appealing to potential birth parents. They showcase the family in the best possible light, highlighting their personalities and the loving environment that they can provide for a child.
  2. Professional photos are an opportunity for the adopting family to showcase their lifestyle and the activities that they enjoy. These photos can show potential birth parents that the family has a strong support system, is financially stable, and has a happy and healthy lifestyle.
  3. Professional photos can help the adopting family to stand out among other adopting families. With so many adoption profile books to choose from, professional photos can help to make the family's book stand out and be more memorable to potential birth parents. Using personal photos is encouraged too, so nothing looks completely staged, but getting professional photos can help show how important this is for you.

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