Charlotte NC Family Photographer

Dear Future Client,

Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for trusting me with my camera. Trusting that you don't need to make a connect with my camera to tell your story, but to settle in and connect with your family. Thank you for trusting me to capture what will be some of your most treasured memories.

Parents watching their son play with toy trains in their Charlotte home
Toy Trains in a wooden box

I wish I could explain the feeling I get when I look at your slideshow for the first time right before I deliver it to you, when those colorful photos burst to life to the beat of a song, I start to tear up. Being the person illustrating the story, I sometimes feel just as much as the person (you) telling their story. I feel it deep in my heart.

A little boy climbing down from step ladder
Mom and young son hugging in their Charlotte, NC kitchen

Your only job during your session is to BE with your family. Pretend I'm not there and play like nobody is watching. The more real you are, the more comfortable and genuine your photos will turn out.

Family of 3 tickling on the couch
Young boy laughing while mom and dad tickle him on the couch

Laugh hard, so hard you cry.

Hug tightly.

Kiss sweetly.

Get on the floor and dive into your child's imagination.

Remember that these are the moments, the times that you want to hold in still images that make your mind and heart move with memories.

Mom laughing and trying to pick up her son who is trying to crawl away smiling
A mom and dad snuggling on the couch together

I picked up my camera because I wanted to make images of and for my children that help us always remember the moments and reminders of who we are. I also realized that I, myself, needed to be in more photos and have made an effort for more self portraits and to hire a photographer at least once a year to make sure that our family photos are memorable and show who we really are. It's so important your whole family is in the photo because you're all part of the story.

Family of 3 snuggling on their front porch in Charlotte, NC
Family of 3 snuggling on their porch and tickling and smiling

I will capture your story. Your beautiful, everyday amazing family magic. Your family love story. All I ask from you is to be yourself and show your love to each other. And MOST importantly, be gentle and kind to yourself. You deserve this.

I look forward to our day together!

With love,


Family of 3 smiling at the camera on their couch