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For real though, no cheesy stuff here, just the good stuff!

best Charlotte photographer laughing while holding her camera at Camp North End

Are you ready.....

  • to have awesome family photos that will make all of your friends say "OMG, I want photos like that!"
  • to actually enjoy your family photo session and not dread it?
  • to have a fun family photo day that even your partner and kids are excited about?

Yea you are, let's do this! I'm so excited to meet you!

I am a progressive, woman-owned and led small business. I love humans and animals! I welcome and celebrate all people at Sabrina Jill Photography and that includes: LGBTQ+, BIPOC, Differently-abled, and Non-Traditional Structured Families.


“We were so fortunate to have Sabrina come to our home for a family photo session this spring. She put all of us so at ease, and she did an amazing job capturing our whole family with the most, beautiful, authentic, true-to-life photos we've ever had! I love her style and the way she picked out small moments and objects to tell our story. Sabrina seriously has a gift! I feel like we won the lottery with these pictures.”

Kind words... from a DAD!

Kind words... from a DAD!

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