Should I hire a photographer for a birthday party?

You did it! You parented for a full year and that big first birthday is coming up! I'd pass you the tissues if I was there with you and even hug you because oh boy, it's an emotional ride that first year! They grow up way too fast, move way too fast, talk way too fast, do all the things way too fast! Whether you're panning a big soiree or a sweet, small at-home party for your little "one" (sorry, I had to), the day is a day to remember.

I've come up with my top reasons for hiring a photographer for your baby's first birthday.

Peter Pan birthday party decor for first birthday

Take the Stress Off of You

You planned, you DIY-ed, you got amazing expensive cakes and cookies, you got all the decorations in a matching theme, now you need to document it so you don't forget it all. You can use. your camera, sure. Do a quick edit or filter (eeeek), but take the sweat off and allow someone else to do the documenting. Enjoy the glory you created! You'll have photos of you and your partner blowing out that candle with your babe, and it won't be one that Uncle Bob cut your head off in the photo.

Onederland Birthday Party in winter time
Onederland Birthday Party in winter time
Onederland Birthday Party in winter time

Cookies by BZBees Sweet Treats

Peter Pan birthday party decor for first birthday
Peter Pan birthday party decor for first birthday

Photos of Your Family WITH Your Extended Family + Friends

We live in a digital world. There is no denying that. Our phones capture EVERYTHING. I mean, they even listen to us, right? (I know you're there big brother). All too often though, we (Mom, I see you) are the ones taking the photos and are not the ones IN the photo. We will take photos of our family and friends with the baby, but it's hard to get you with them in the photo, or you do that awkward handing the phone over to another friend and get in the photo, but it doesn't feel as natural.

Let your photographer know what shots you do want with certain family and friends, and then simply enjoy all the candid moments! This is your chance to get photos with family you may rarely see or ones you wish were in family photos, but aren't. How often we are at a gathering and forget something even happened. Allow yourself the opportunity to connect with your friends and not take up time photographing it yourself.

Two women hugging in greeting
A woman with a welcoming smile, inviting her friends into her home
Friends shaking hands at a birthday party
Family sitting with a young boy on the front porch smiling

A Gift For Yourself

You have raised this little one for a year. You may have struggled with fertility issues, it may have been a surprise, or you may have even gone through the trials and work for an adoption, whatever you did to get where you are... YOU did it! This gift is for you, for all your hardworking as a parent, the work you have done creating this little gathering, you deserve it!

A mom hugging and smiling at her one year old son
A family of three smiles on their front porch
A mom and her 3 children sitting on their porch
A family of 4 smiling at the youngest child

Lastly, the Memories are Priceless.

A mom holding her son dressed as Peter Pan at his first birthday party
A one year old boy looking into the camera while he eats
An older sister reading a birthday card to her baby sister surrounded by gifts
A one year old getting cleaned off in a baby pool from his cake

How about a Bonus..... The Smash Cake Photos!

Whether your baby LOVES to get dirty and stick their hands in the cake or decides, no thank you and makes everyone laugh... The photographer will be there to capture that moment, no matter how long it takes (if you've ever sat there for a baby smash cake, you know it can take a while, lol).

One year old boy surrounded by balloons and smiling while eating cake with his hands
A One year old girl unsure about smashing a cake
A one year old boy unsure about eating a cake
A one. year old girl eating birthday cake on the floor

*I tried to use photos where you don't see most guest's faces for their privacy, but party photos will have more faces shown, lol.*