photography for parenthood

photography for parenthood

Your kids deserve the memories, but so do YOU!

Your kids deserve the memories, but so do YOU!

Everyday we are handing out snacks, cleaning up messes, and searching for their favorite lovey for the 100th time. This season in our lives is SPECIAL, even when it doesn't feel like it. Your family story deserves to be documented, remembered & not just in selfies.

My hopes is that the album and photos we print together become your favorite book, your children's favorite book... and one day, your grandchild's too.

The season is now.

Now is not too late, but yesterday is!

Let's do this! Time doesn't stand still, but these photos do. The "when" really just depends on you, your needs & wants. Newborns... the time is theirs, autumn is my busy season, followed closely by spring, but I still feel spring doesn't get the attention it DESERVES. Summer is underrated, it's my favorite! (Throw on the sprinklers and let's have some fun!)

Snack time is where it is at!

Snack time is where it is at!

Find the wonder & curiosity

Find the wonder & curiosity

I photograph most of my clients in their home. Home is where everyone feels the most at ease. Kiddos love to show me their rooms, partners are at liberty to grab a drink and chill, this is a safe space. We simply hang out and play. Backyards are fun hangouts too!

If you want to have a session at your favorite local spot like a park, ice cream shop, or greenway, let's do it! I'm open to so many options that tell your family story.

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7 - 10 business days later you’ll receive fully edited proofs to swoon over and choose from. You'll also receive print credit to print your photos!

How much?

This is the first question I always get asked and obviously one of the most important to you. Like most things, photography prices are all over the place. I'm not the least expensive, I'm not the most expensive, but I do offer an amazing value and experience for your memories and time.

A $250 session fee is due at time of booking to secure your date for a session on my calendar. Digital image collections that include print credit to create beautiful albums and prints begin at $400.

Charlotte family looks at their family photo album

Your kiddos self esteem can be enhanced by printed photographs!

Every collection I offer comes with print credit to be used in my online print shop. I believe that photos should be printed and hung on walls, stored in boxes, and printed in albums for your family to look through and enjoy for years to come! It is so easy to forget and not go through the photos we have on our phones and computers, but printed photos, that's a nostalgic feeling that can't be beat! Kids LOVE books! A book about your family story is the ultimate gift.

Photo by a Charlotte photographer of a girl going through books in a picture frame
Family playing on their backyard playlet in Charlotte NC for photographer


“"Sabrina was excellent - an absolute pleasure to work with on the day of, very responsive leading up to the day, and her product is amazing. I love the bright colors and the candid pictures she takes. She quickly put my toddler at ease and he loved running around and smiling for the camera. We couldn't recommend her highly enough."”

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What clients are saying...

What clients are saying...

PSSST... HEY MOM... You ARE the story maker!

You deserve to be in the photo! Not those crappy blurry ones your husband takes when you tell him to, but really good ones! You're worthy of being in more than just selfies and blurry images... you also deserve to be stress-free while getting your photo taken. I promise you, your kiddos will want to look back on their childhood and see the real you, just like you probably wish your own mama was in more photos.

A mom laughing with her son on their front porch
Mom surrounded by toy dinosaurs while whispering in her toddler sons ear sitting on their floor
A mom cuddling her tween daughter and laughing on the bed
A mom holding her infant daughter and kissing
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