A family laughing and talking together on their living room couch in Charlotte, NC
Relax on picture day!

Family photos CAN be easy + fun!

What if your family photo day was spent having fun with your favorite people, in your favorite outfit, at your favorite place?

Everyday we are handing out snacks, cleaning up messes, and searching for their favorite lovey. This time in your life is special, even the moments that don't feel very special ARE special, and these moments deserve to be documented and remembered {& not just in selfies}.

A dad throwing his daughter in the air in the pool, the girl is wearing goggles and ready for the jump in the water
Charlotte dad is laying on his back in his living room holding his toddler above his head and laughing

What To Expect


Before your session

Fill out the questionnaire and find a cute & comfy outfit. If you're anything like me, jeans are a staple for comfort.

Comfort brings the confidence
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Young woman smiles at her laptop while holding her coffee cup and sitting on her couch

My clients...

A mother and daughter sifting pancake mix in their kitchen together

want to photograph real moments.

...know that family life is unpredictable. Kids can go from grumpy to happy within a seconds notice, this can lead to funny and colorful photos!

it's okay to document reality
A mother changing her baby in the morning, the baby is laying on the bed looking up at his mother

want to tell their story.

... know that real is more interesting than perfect. Keeping kiddos happy {and themselves} is way more important than cleaning the living room.

Real life is welcome
Young girl jumping on her bed

want quality prints displayed.

... are not okay with digital photos being swallowed by cyberspace, they want quality print products.

don't let digitals be forgotten
Family dog laying below little boys feet, by moms feet, with older boy looking at the dog on the floor

love their furry family members!

... want to include their beloved pets in their family sessions because they, too, are part of our story.

filling your heart w/out trying
Charlotte family in Waverly swinging on their backyard swings together

Daydreaming about a stress-free family session?

How long is a Family Session?

A session can last anywhere from 1 - 2.5 hours. It sounds like a long time, but trust me, it flies by because we are having fun. Extended time also allows for everyone to warm up to the camera and feel comfortable.

What if my children don't behave?

When do kiddos ever behave when you really want them to? When you're having a stress-free session it means... DON'T stress! Let them be themselves and run around their back yard or favorite park! When you let them wear an outfit that is "them" and play with their toys, they are usually all smiles and so happy to share their happiness.

What if my husband/life partner hates family photo day?

Well then, you've come to the right photographer! No need to force smiles, no posing, and if we hang out at your place they can grab a beer and chill.

Ten year old girl making family pancakes

Memories are made in Saturday morning pancakes

Memories are made in Saturday morning pancakes

Sometimes a Photo isn't enough...

Films for the modern family

Bringing your memories to life

Session Pricing


This is the first question asked anytime someone comes to after seeing my work. With photography, prices are all over the map, I may be less expensive, right on budget, or expensive to you, but what I can offer you is quality and value for your memories. I value your time and mine,

A $250 non-refundable session fee is due at time of booking to secure your date for a session on my calendar. Digital image collections with print credit begin at $400.

Printed photos in a photo box with a custom USB


Baby boy chewing on a toy while laying on his belly on the living room floor and his older sister lays next to him

Sabrina always captures the best of every session. With kids, you never know what you're gonna get but, she gets it all. Every session has been memorable and we're looking forward to many more with her!


You deserve to be in the photo! Not those crappy blurry ones your husband takes when you tell him to, but really good ones! You're worthy of being in more than just selfies and blurry images... you also deserve to be stress-free while getting your photos taken. I promise you, your kiddos will want to look back on their childhood and see the real you, just like you probably wish your own mama was in more photos.

Mom giving her daughter a piggy back ride while dad gives daughter a kiss on the cheek in Latta Park in Charlotte, NC
Mom surrounded by toy dinosaurs while whispering in her toddler sons ear sitting on their floor
Charlotte mother looking at her daughter while sitting at the breakfast table
Mother pushing her daughter on their backyard swing in their Waverly Charlotte backyard