Family Photo Sessions

Not Your Ordinary Family Picture Day!

The no-stress answer to family photos

A typical day spent in your backyard, walking at the park, or swimming in the pool is filled with extraordinary little moments.

Let your clothes get dirty, the kiddos drag their favorite toys around the yard, the dog run free, go grab a glass of wine {or beer or cider}, and actually relax during your family picture day.

Daydreaming about a stress-free family session?

What is included in a Family Session?

A.A session can last anywhere from 1 - 2.5 hours and includes 50 images. It sounds like a long time, but trust me, it flies by because we are having fun. Extended time also allows for everyone to warm up to the camera and feel comfortable. Family films are included with a full family session booking for a limited time only.

What if my children don't behave?

A.When do kiddos ever behave when you really want them to? When you're having a stress-free session it means... DON'T stress! Let them be themselves and run around their back yard or favorite park! When you let them wear an outfit that is "them" and play with their toys, they are usually all smiles and so happy to share their happiness.

What if my husband/life partner hates family photo day?

A.Well then, you've come to the right photographer! No need to force smiles, no posing, and if we hang out at your place they can grab a beer and chill.

What To Expect

Before your session

Fill out the questionnaire and find a cute & comfy outfit. If you're anything like me, jeans are a staple for comfort.

Comfort brings the confidence

During your session

You picked out the comfy outfits, you're playing in your favorite place, let's have some fun. Cuddles are required, lol.

I'm here for you

After your session

Have the tissue box ready because the tears will be flowing. Happy tears I promise, and let me know when it happens. :)

Magic in the memories

Bringing memories to life


You deserve to be in the photo! Not those crappy blurry ones your husband takes when you tell him to, but really good ones! You're worthy of being in more than just selfies and blurry images... you also deserve to be stress-free while getting your photos taken. I promise you, your kiddos will want to look back on their childhood and see the real you, just like you probably wish your own mama was in more photos.