The no-stress answer to family photos

The no-stress answer to family photos

Not Your Ordinary Family Picture Day!

Not Your Ordinary Family Picture Day!

A typical day spent in your backyard, walking at the park, or swimming in the pool is filled with extraordinary little moments.

Let your clothes get dirty, the kiddos drag their favorite toys around the yard, the dog run free, go grab a glass of wine {or beer or cider}, and actually relax during your family picture day.

My clients...

want to photograph real moments.

...know that family life is unpredictable. Kids can go from grumpy to happy within a seconds notice, this can lead to funny and colorful photos!

it's okay to document reality

want to tell their story.

... know that real is more interesting than perfect. Keeping kiddos happy {and themselves} is way more important than cleaning the living room.

Real life is welcome

want quality prints displayed.

... are not okay with digital photos being swallowed by cyberspace, they want quality print products.

don't let digitals be forgotten

love their furry family members!

... want to include their beloved pets in their family sessions because they too are part of our story.

filling your heart w/out trying


You deserve to be in the photo! Not those crappy blurry ones your husband takes when you tell him to, but really good ones! You're worthy of being in more than just selfies and blurry images... you also deserve to be stress-free while getting your photos taken. I promise you, your kiddos will want to look back on their childhood and see the real you, just like you probably wish your own mama was in more photos.

Bringing memories to life