A family of four sit in their dining room on a bench together, cuddling - CLT Family Photographer

Families... colorful, noisy, real.

Our houses, our bodies, our lives aren't perfect magazine "worthy" images all the time. Our homes have little messes piled with treasures of broken crayons, rocks, & legos; they are filled with sounds of laughter, cries, and endless Kids Bop songs. Our bodies are perfect just as they are in this moment. Lines formed by happy moments, sad moments, and content moments.

We are humans with stories to tell, to share, to appreciate. You deserve to tell yours.

Family playing a heated board game in their dining room
Mother sitting with her kids in their living room playing chess
Family of four playing on the floor with their dog in a little girl's bedroom
Father and son gardening in their fenced in garden bed
Husband and wife cuddling on couch together with large dog at their feet
Mother and son talking and sitting on stairs in their home
Father holds his daughter up with his legs while laying on his back in living room
Young girl laying on a hammock in her Charlotte backyard
Young girl does hand stand on trampoline while sister blows bubbles in the background
A young couple cuddle and smile while posing in The Little Villa Charlotte
A toddler eats goldfish snacks while sitting on her moms lap in their living room
A young family cuddles and swings on their front porch while dog lays in front of them
A father feeds his daughter a macaron in The Little Villa Charlotte
A family sits outside a yogurt shop white eating at the table
A family sits in their home at a craft table coloring