Before I even talk about my 'salesy' reasons of "why" you should book a friendship photo session... humor me and let me simply tell you a story about friendship.

Friendship can be such a crazy adventure. It’s this weird little extended family you get to choose. You feel a sense of obligation to your friends, even though technically you don’t really have any obligation. You get to curate these amazing humans into your life and simply love them. If you’re really lucky you find a friendship that is magically magnetic. The friend who who knows how to cheer you on at your highest high. The one who will sit with you all night, not speaking a word, simply because they know you need them, no matter how much it will suck being up with a crazy toddler the next day bright and early, they will sit because they love you and know you can’t be alone (even if you say you want to be). They’ve either been your best friend for forever, or they’re newer, but the chemistry is just there. 

I have photographed one of the families before (they’re PURE magic) and photographing them with their best friends was one of the best photography experiences I have ever had. I am going to share some words from one of them to show you just how amazing they are, but a little back story… one of the families recently had a tragedy happen to them. It was completely unexpected and tragic and there are no words on how this has effected their community, in the dark there is a glimmer of light that has also allowed them to see just how amazing their community is. I wish I could even explain it, but her family is very close and having their chosen family close to them also, well there are no words I can write that will help tell their story like she can. The night before our session, this is what she shared with me: 

“I know I mentioned before that our neighbors are our very best friends. I'm talking- when tragedy struck, their girls were as devastated as ours. They have been such rocks for us through this - and continue to be as we take it day by day. The idea of our kids growing up with each other to lean on is pretty extraordinary. 'K' makes me a better mom. I love her laid back style, the creative activities she comes up with every single day and how genuinely she loves her kids and mine. We call each other MNF (most necessary friend) and even have the hats to prove it.
With all of our pregnancies, we didn't find out the sex... and we ended up with 5 girls!  Our girls have a BLAST together, it's hilarious. These picnics always end in a slumber party at one house or the other! :) I want you to know we will always treasure the photos. You capture life and personality and color so beautifully - and this is one of my favorite parts of our life right now. The last few months, it can be hard to find color and light, and tomorrow really feels bright to all of us. :) (Plus, I can't wait to hang out with you again!)"

A little girl is peeking behind a hidden gate in her Charlotte backyard
Neighbors are smiling and walking through a gate into a backyard
A woman in yellow pants is high fiving a young child in a high swing
A man is holding and smiling a young baby he is holding

The WHY!

If the amazing friendship story above didn't convince you to get a friendship story session on your calendar, here are some of my ideas about "why" a friendship session is a great idea:

  1. Eat, drink & be merry... I mean, you're going to laugh, drink wine and have a bbq, you might as well document it in a cool way and not in blurry selfies like usual
  2. It's way easier to just hang out and relax with your friend. How many times have you been with your friends laughing and cutting up and have wished you've caught it on camera in the moment... now you can.
  3. Partners almost never stop and take the photo of you and your friends looking cute and smiling together in a genuine way, I will!
  4. Save on money! Because a friendship session would be like setting up an extended family session, you'd be able to save some of your hard earned dough and split the cost.
Two women are smiling and embracing while sitting next to each other
Two women are smiling in their backyard and laughing with a young girl who is laying in the grass and a dog is sniffing
Two women are clinking their wine glasses and laughing in their Charlotte backyard
Two families are spread out in a Charlotte backyard playing and cooking during a barbecue
Families are smiling and singing during a barbecue in their Charlotte neighborhood
Two young girls are dancing in a backyard while a father and his daughter watch
Two men are smiling and talking while eating at a backyard barbecue
Four young girls are sitting at a picnic table in their backyard eating snacks
A young girl is chewing on a snack and looking at the camera while sitting under a play set
Two young girls are smiling and hugging, one is sitting in a swing and they are wearing bright colors
Two women and a young girl dance happily in their backyard
A baby sitting in a swing in a Charlotte backyard
A young girl with a purple shirt lays back on a hammock
5 little girls eating snacks and piled up together in their Charlotte, NC backyard
Neighbors settling down together in their Charlotte backyard to take a photo together
Two Charlotte, NC families smiling and having fun in their backyards together

Music and Photos together are my weakness...

I LOVE slideshows.. if you're a client, you know what I'm talking about, so if you want to be moved in the best way... Watch their story below! Also, if you're in Charlotte or the surrounding area and want to tell your friendship story, let's do it, you'll see a button below you can click that will take you to my contact form.

Storytelling is best told with some tunes

Watching the story unfold is the best way to view photos...