Oh friends, I hate to fly. That's right, I prefer my feet on the ground and to chill out at home or at some local romps than to travel (don't @ me! I know, I know... accidents can happen closer to home than in an airplane, I just don't like it). BUT, I did fly in an airplane recently to Phoenix, Arizona (my first time to the west coast) and photographed my photography buddy Megan of Magpie Love Photography. She came to our home last year and photographed us, so it was time to return the love.

Phoenix was just as unique and beautiful as her family and home. I had so much fun capturing the little details of her home along with the fun we had playing games, a water balloon fight, blowing bubbles, and walking to a local frozen yogurt shop.

Now, I can't say I'll be hopping on an airplane and traveling all over to photograph people and places again (unless you want to pay me, I certainly will, lol), but if you're local to the Charlotte and surrounding area and want to show off how unique and cute you are too, let's do it!

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