It feels like just yesterday I met Jessica and photographed her family when they only had 2 kiddos. During that photo session, she didn't know it yet, but she was pregnant with baby #3. Then we took maternity photos, and then baby announcement for #4, on to newborn photos for their final baby, and now we check in on him 3 months later. Phew! That's a lot of photos we have taken {and the best part is, Mom prints them and hangs them up all over the house!!!}. We are following little man's year to capture him and his sister grow during this time. Now, when I say we check in on him, I really mean, all of them! Three big personalities surround this little guy constantly. Each sister is unique and each one loves him so much, until he spits up, then they're done with him.

We had the most perfect summer evening to play around in the backyard for a little outdoor portrait session. Dad was happy because we didn't have to leave the house, the girls were happy because they had their favorite toys within reach and got to play in the comfort of their own space, baby was happy because he's a baby, and Mom was happy because she can laugh about the chaos of four kiddos, but enjoy the photos because it is way easier to have multiple children happy at their own house than when they are out in public and over dressed. Also, during these crazy times, staying home for photos means no worrying about all the germs the little ones would love to touch and wipe all over their faces.

Little man will be 6 months at the end of October and Mom and I have a fun idea for that update. The most exciting part of that update will be their new house! They are leaving the traditional suburbs for a house in the country on several acres, I am really looking forward to getting outdoors with them again!

Mom holding her baby while a dad pushes his daughters on the swings in their Charlotte backyard
Mom holding and smiling at her baby son
Dad holding baby son up on slide
Family playing on their backyard swing set in their Charlotte backyard
Young girl swinging on swings
Children getting pushed by their father on the swings
Baby boy blowing spit bubbles out while his mom holds him smiling
Setting sun shines behind kids swinging on play set
Toddler girl climbing up the slide in her backyard
Young girl makes a funny face while using swing in a funny way
Child sitting on swing with barefoot in her backyard
Young mom holding her baby boy in their backyard
Sisters sliding down the slide and piling up
Family of 6 posing in front of their backyard swingset in Charlotte, NC