Charlotte Family Christmas Photos

The Session.

If you've ever had a photo session with me, you know I send out a pretty detailed questionnaire. When I was reading over the "H" family questionnaire that Mom filled out, I felt an instant connection. It was an odd sort of magic, like it was meant to be that I photographed this family, haha, I know that probably sounds crazy, but it's true. I feel that way with families that I truly connect with. I get it that not all photographers are meant to be the "one" for every family. There are so many of us out there, but there are so many more families to photograph that I never feel let down if I'm not chosen, I truly want families to find the right photographer for them because to me photos are not simply a one and done job. When I photograph someone, I really try to make them feel comfortable and light up for who they are. (Now I've gotten completely off course because I feel so deeply about photography, lol, so if you're still here, thank you, :) )

Now, back to the questionnaire... at one point Mom wrote: "I am so in love with your style of photography because it feels like you get to know the person through the image, more than the standard photos in a field (not that anything is wrong with those!)" All I could think of was... she sees me (the irony is that she sees the other people in my photos). She came up with the idea of putting up their Christmas tree a little early this year because she fell in love with the idea of me documenting them decorating their Christmas tree. "Is that silly?" she asked!!!! NO!!!!! Especially when she wrote: "Every year, I feel like my heart could explode watching the girls rediscover Christmas magic and telling the story of different ornaments." I mean, she wanted to make me tear up, right? lol

I'd say we created pure nostalgic Christmas magic memories together, what do you think?


Their house is also a main character of their family and story.

Mom: "Our house was built in the 1920s and I love the old character found in some of its wonkiness. I really love the location. We are in a sweet neighborhood. This house has had many different layouts and rooms have changed purposes time and time again even just in our 6 years here. I currently love the girls sharing a room, which allowed us to have a play space for them (where I can close the door on the mess!) I love the way it feels like our family - from kid art to family photos- throughout."

The memories.

Mom: "The girls sit together at this little table to have snack, and it makes for some really sweet moments."

The kindness.

When I was there, Mom told me that when the girls make and gift art to the older lady next door, the lady hangs the art up in her window that the girls can see from their bedroom. She wants them to know she appreciates them. (Cue the tears...)

Favorite Photo.

I always ask clients to tell me about their favorite photo. I want to know what they SEE. The answer is always so real and honest and describe natural human behavior only captured in a click. I think we are so ingrained to believe that family photos are perfect images of us in fields, dressed in beautiful outfits, with perfect bodies, and then we either try to create that or deter ourselves because we don't "look" the part. What we don't realize is we are already beautiful, perfect, creative, amazing beings.

Mom: "It's so hard to choose! I'm a photo addict for sure. What pops to mind are the candid moments. There is this picture of M with her hands against the window watching J's ballet class and it transports me back to that moment. There's one of the girls holding hands and running down our street, and I know in that moment they felt like such big kids getting to walk together without me. One of my all time favorite photos of my family features my grandmother with her head thrown back in laughter. Recently a friend took a photo of our little family and caught me in the same pose. I used it as our Christmas card, as it felt so genuinely us."

Let's create together and capture the nostalgia.

It's simple, fun, colorful, creative and your kiddos will probably ask me to stay like these ones did. lol