Newborn Photography Concord, NC

This little baby hits home for me, almost literally, he's my nephew. So, am I biased? Maybe a little, but baby Z is one cute baby!

Documenting his little world in just the first few weeks he was born was such a privilege. Seeing my first nephew become a doting big brother was just the sweetest. I know that change from only child to big sibling can be a big adjustment, but he is loving his baby brother.

Family photography can be stressful, but newborn photography can be super stressful. If you're anything like me, I was a MESS! I thought everything had to be staged and I had to look perfect and our clothes had to be just so.... and then years later I wish I had found a documentary/lifestyle photography option for myself. I'm just not good with having my family posing a certain way and arguing for the smiles. If they smile, they smile, if they don't, they don't. Having a newborn is stressful enough, so when I get the chance to be invited into your homes with that precious newborn, and just allow you all to flow and capture your little moments more naturally, that makes my heart sing.

The newborn days are fleeting and stressful enough, so simply photographing the memories for you look back on and see the simple beauty in your everyday, that is precious time worth capturing!

A father and his oldest son adoring and holding the newborn baby in the family
An older brother holding his newborn baby brother

Family Films are an added bonus of memories!

Thinking of having your own laid back newborn family photos?

Or even a laid back family photo session for no reason at all other than celebrating the awesomeness that is you?