Charlotte Baby photography

Buckle up, folks! We're diving into the hilarious world of newborn photo sessions at home. Forget the perfect sleepy poses and serene prop settings – this blog post is all about the chaos, cries, and unexpected surprises that come with attempting to capture those adorable moments of your newest family member.

newborn baby lying on a white rug in swaddle blankets surrounded by his parents

The Diaper Debacle

Ah, the classic diaper change mid-photoshoot. It's like babies have a sixth sense for when the camera comes out. You're setting up to be comfy and cozy for the shot, and suddenly, you're in the middle of a diaper change relay race. Pro tip: embrace the comedy – it's all part of the package.

Young parents standing in pajamas with their newborn during a photo session
newborn changing station in a bedroom
new parents working together to change a diaper

The Quest for the Perfect Outfit

Tiny outfits – a staple in newborn photography. However, convincing a newborn to be happy that that adorable outfit nana gave them is fun to change into is a challenge worthy of a comedy show. Cue the juggling and dancing around with funny noises, hilarious attempts at distraction, and maybe even a few baby side-eyes that say, "Really, Mom and Dad?" But, stopping to get some diaper photos makes it all worth it!!!

newborn baby looking right at the camera
content newborn in a diaper during a photo session
newborn wearing blue outfitted crying
baby crying during a newborn session
newborn baby feet detailed photo

Naptime Drama

Planning a photoshoot around a newborn's naptime is like playing Russian roulette. Will they sleep through the entire session, or will they decide it's the perfect time for an impromptu wake-up call? Get ready for some unexpected plot twists and a few yawns or tears that could rival a Hollywood star.

young parents holding their newborn in their Charlotte living room
young mother holding their newborn in their Charlotte living room
young parents holding their newborn in their Charlotte living room

Around the House - Perfect Little Messes

I tell all my clients to only clean their house like their mother-in-law is coming if they really feel the need, but little table top messes and baby stuff strewn about is the reality of... KIDS! The bigger they get, the bigger the mess and it is all worth documenting because even though the legos hurt to step on and the tummy time mat trips you up, the messes are little perfect portraits of life.

baby blanket sits in the sunlight of the nursery
baby tummy time play mat
coffee and baby photos on the fridge

Photobombing Pets

Pets, the unsung heroes of newborn photoshoots. Whether they're curious cats or playful pups, expect them to make an appearance. Embrace the furry photobombs, because, let's be honest, your first babies add an extra layer of adorable chaos.

two brown dogs looking through the door window
young family sits outside their Charlotte home with their dogs
brown dog sits on outdoor furniture

Newborn photos can be overwhelming, but done at home, laughter is the best lens. Embrace the unpredictability, roll with the unexpected, and remember that the outtakes often become the most cherished memories. So, hire a photographer, grab a sense of humor, and get ready for a photoshoot adventure that's as fun as it is heartwarming.