You had a family photo session. You love the photos. Now what?

Does this sound familiar? You have the photos. You've shared them all over social media. You've sent them to grandparents in an email. Now what do you do with them? They've been sitting on your computer taking up space and you can't see them, BUT they're so important!

Photos tell your family story, I mean, your phone is most likely filled with thousands of stories from your everyday! What happens when your phone breaks, or your computer shuts down, or a hard drive stops working, or you accidentally deleted the files...... and do you think your kiddos and your future grand kiddos are going to sit down at your computer for hours going through photos? I don't even do that with my own photos enough! Have you ever just sat down with a box of old photos and touched them? Admired them? It's the best feeling in the world!

So, what is my answer? PRINT THE PHOTOS!

Family portraits hanging on a wall

Display your family photos!

Whether they are framed or printed on metal or even canvas, your family story is a work of art. They will add color and life to your house. Not only that, but child psychologists and development experts have found that family photos help children grow their self-confidence and self-esteem. They say that printed images on a wall help our children see that they are loved and valued as a member of a family unit. They discover who they are and what makes them and their family unique.

Queue up the tears!

photo of a mother and daughter printed and hanging on the wall
photo of a couple hanging on a wall
a little girl dancing in a framed photo

My truth...

I grew up with no family photos on the wall. We definitely had photos printed in boxes. I was always obsessed with them and still own those photos to this day (I'm the family historian). To even get a photo of my mom though, it's a struggle. Body image is so f*cking frustrating, it messes with our ability to want to be in a photo if it shows more than just our face. Even then, people still struggle. I would love more photos of her. She's important.

I have so many photos hanging on our walls. I made a promise to myself that I would always print and hang them up, at all ages, at all body stages. Almost everyday one of my kiddos points at the photos and tells me the same story about one of the photos that we've heard a million times, but I'm here for it. I want those memories embedded in my brain because I don't even remember what I have for breakfast most days.

Do I need to update some of them? Yep! I'll be doing that soon because I want to share more of our stories everyday! I love my kiddos so freaking much. I will look at photos of myself on the wall and remember how I "felt" about my looks on that day and I've come to realize that it doesn't matter what I look like. I am loved. I am loved by my husband. My kiddos love me so much, they tell me all the time and I tell them all the time. We say it at least 50 times a day, that sounds braggy, but the love needs to be shared. And, most importantly, I love myself. I want to always share our story with each other and with those that come and see our walls.

So, print your photos. It is so important!

a woman holds a framed photo of a family

Why I do what I do.

With every photo package I sell, you get print credit. Print credit is like a gift card to use in my online shop. I won't lie, I've had people not use it. I think we've become so used to a digital photo life, that we forget the tangible one, the importance of it. I've had people ask why I offer the print credit, well, everything you've read above is WHY! I want your family to see their love story, everyday. It is important to me that you get all the value of not only the investment you've made with me, but your time. Those moments are fleeting. Those moments aren't coming back, but you have them. You have those moments frozen in time, so my gift to you..... is to print them, to help inspire your kiddos and foster your relationships. You're important. Your story is important.

Two Photos hanging on the wall