"What should I wear for family photos?"

My number one most worried about question is... What should we wear for family photos? My answer is whatever you are most comfortable in, BUT I do know what it's like to worry about this too. There is a reason I am not using my own family as examples for what to wear because I HAVE NO STYLE. I do know style when I see it however, so I'll share with you some families who know how to rock some amazing and fun colorful outfits for photos.

Patterns, Colors, and Socks

Patterns are fun! One kiddo has one stripped pants or multiple colors, one kiddo has on a stripped shirt of two colors and one kiddo has one a mixed pattern shirt. Perfection!

Mom and Dad's shirts are solid and pull color from a two kiddo's outfits. Dad in a polo (nice, but not overly dressed). Mom's t-shirt is a v-neck and is comfy, the most important part to any outfit.

Sometimes people don't want to go barefoot in photos, so don't wear boring socks, make it fun with the pattern continuation.

And jeans are a staple! Easy to match, versatile, bring in texture, and any shade matches!

Last, but not least, let your kiddo sport their favorite tutu if they want to!

A family wearing colorful and patterned outfits in their Charlotte living room
A baby getting her nose wiped off with her shirt and wearing pink canvas shoes
A young girl is laying on the couch and watching her twin sister twirl in a tutu
A baby in a radio flyer wagon is holding a dandelion to be blown by her mother in Charlotte, NC

Texture, Layers, and Animals

Texture! Between mom's vegan leather pants, jeans on dad, and cotton on girls, they have a variety of texture that allows everyone to stand out. Mom's denim shirt and vegan leather pants add even more depth to her outfit. She's able to wear subtle colors and still stand out, allowing dad to wear a little more color (in shirt and SOCKS).

Layers on big sister! The ruffles on her top, with stripes and a denim vest are so cute (let us not forget the fun heart patterns on her pants). There is really only one pop of color in her whole outfit (if you don't count the blue of denim) and it allows for her to standout, but blend in.

Little sister is rocking two patterns and one with animals, ROAR! Also, the red Converse have me SOLD!

Charlotte family cuddles on a bench in their dining room for photos
Little girl with a black eye and striped pants eats goldfish on her mom's lap
A husband and wife smile at each other in their Charlotte, NC living room
A toddler and her big sister lay on their back on the floor of their Charlotte home.

Light Colors that coordinate, but NOT matchy matchy

Grey and denim are some of my most favorite shades together. They are subtle and make everyone look good. Heather grey on dad matches the heathered pattern in mom's pink shirt. The soft pastels compliment each other so well.

Baby girl is wearing a coordinating shirt that blends her with her parents perfectly. And lest we not forget the sweetness of the little flowers on her pants giving her some texture and pattern to add depth to their images.

Also, if anyone want to add a pop of color to their hair like mom, I'm here for it!

A father, mother, and daughter sit outside in their Charlotte, NC garden
Father and daughter sitting together in their nursery passing a book to each other
A Charlotte couple smile at each other in their kitchen for family photos
A family of three sit on their front porch of their Charlotte home