Spring is coming to Charlotte!

I don't care what that groundhog said... I smell spring coming and I am so HAPPY! Spring is my absolute favorite season and I'm ready! It is also the second busiest season for photos and that makes me excited to get out and photograph everyone. Don't get mad at me, but I think it's way better than fall for photos! Bright colors, fun places to go and play, it's just so refreshing to get outside and feel free.

"Okay Sabrina, we get it, you loooooovveee spring, but I'm here to find out WHERE to have photos done, I thought you liked doing photos at home."

Yes, sorry, let me get back on track. Where are some awesome places to get photos around Charlotte? Let me help....

First up.... South End

I absolutely adore going to South End. The artwork is colorful and cheery. The outdoor walking along the rail trail is unique and you can get city views in your shots. Not to forget that Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams is there and that can be the main focus for family photos. Also, when you're done you can grab some good eats with the family.

A family walking in South End Charlotte
A little girl excited about her Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams
A mom and daughter laughing and going to lick the same ice cream cone
A little girl holding out her ice cream cone inside Jen's Ice Creams South End

Camp North End

Easily one of my most favorite places to go! There is fun shopping, amazing art, and really good food! In the spring and summer there are usually wildflowers that blossom and are always a fun surprise. There are also fun and active art exhibits to play amongst as well as actual family games like foosball and large jenga.

Young woman laughing while sitting in wildflowers at Camp North End
A family sitting together in front of art in Camp North End
Two women sitting on an art exhibit in Camp North End wearing yellow shirts and smiling at each other
A woman wearing a green dress and smiling at Camp North End

Wise Acres Organic Farm

I absolutely am IN LOVE with Wise Acres. Their strawberries are the BEST! Photographing my family picking strawberries are some of my favorite photos, but photographing other families enjoying the farm brings me so much joy! I have photographed families getting their pumpkins there, in the summertime sunflowers and even in a special hidden flower area that they've allowed me to enjoy (I won't share that secret, lol, unless you hire me and we ask them permission, I'm a rule follower, lol). There are just so many things to do there from playing on all the fun swings, hay and barrel rides, strawberry picking, trail walking... the fun is truly endless and fun because you're in nature!

A little girl standing on a swing at Wise Acres Organic Farm
Father and son squatting in a sunflower field at Wise Acres Organic Farm
Young boy standing in a greenhouse at Wise Acres Organic Farm


If you don't want to do photos IN your home, there are so many amazing and wonderful and beautiful and fun and... (you get the idea) places you can go around Charlotte to have fun family photos taken. Eat ice cream, explore the outdoors, pose with artwork, BUT (and if you've been following along with me you probably know what I'm going to say)...... you don't have to be IN your home or at any of those awesome locations to do all those things and still get amazing family photos.... your yard is also an amazing world of wonder, lol. You may not have everything a park does, or the greenest grass, or an abundance of gardens, or funky artwork, but you can incorporate some or all of that while also keeping your family in the comforts and relaxed state of home. Make s'mores, eat ice cream, swing, jump on a trampoline, play baseball, play with your dog, paint photos, play with toys, have a family picnic.... the ideas are endless and you don't have to worry about finding a potty or getting anywhere on time, lol.

Not ready for photos, but want to keep me in mind for when you're ready for awesome family photos? No problem, let's keep in touch!
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