How much does a family photographer cost in Charlotte?

Well, that number is all over the place!

I won't bore you with the list of what it costs to actually run a profitable photography business, okay, I'll bore you a little...

  • Website
  • CRM (Client Relationship Management site)
  • Gallery Hosting
  • Insurance
  • Credit Card Fees
  • Lenses
  • Camera
  • Editing Programs
  • Taxes
  • Continuing Education Classes
  • Retirement
  • The list goes on... (OMG.... while I was thinking about this list I realized there is so much more...)

You see, every photographer is different. Some are beginners who probably won't charge much. They may not have much camera education yet or are just starting out their business, some may not have become legal businesses yet (which in that case, they shouldn't charge you and should be considered a hobbyist). This is not me judging! I am guilty as charged and quickly squared away all of those details when I found out the nitty gritty of business in NC.

Some family photographers focus on newborns. You should be very careful with who you choose for your staged newborn photo sessions. You should choose someone who has been well educated and trained in these sessions because when done wrong, it is NOT good. If you are looking for staged, in-studio newborn photographers in Charlotte, I can share some names with you if you ask.

That's another cost... studios. Some Charlotte photographers shoot in studios and that holds a whole other mess of costs.

"But, Sabrina, I only want outdoor in a field photos of my family, that shouldn't cost much," says person google searching for a photographer. Oh, but if you want to hire a professional photographer who has been educated and knows how to pose and edit and run a legitimate business.... you should definitely do your research and figure out what your budget is, but also what you value in your photos.

Charlotte family photographer sitting at her desk with her computer and camera

So, how much do I cost?

I am not the cheapest photographer in Charlotte. I don't want to be.

I am not the most expensive photographer either. I don't want to be that either.

My services may need to be budgeted for, but I am service minded and I do provide an amazing value. My session fee is $250. This is the cost to book your family on my calendar, for our planning and communication, and for the 1-3 hour session (yep, the session can run short or long).

Two to three weeks after your session you receive a slideshow to view all of your photos and then you choose between three collections. Each of those collections comes with print credit ($!).

A mother looking at a photo album with her sons and smiling

I photographed a family looking at their photo album I had just delivered to their home.

Mother sitting with her sons on the couch, crying happy tears at a photo album

While there were smiles, there were also tears of happiness and reminders.

"Sabrina, what is print credit?"

It's a gift card that you use to purchase prints, albums, wall art, holiday cards, etc. I believe the MOST important thing you can do with your photos is to have them printed. To touch them. To look at them. To see them on your walls.

Not a day goes by in our house that my littlest one doesn't say "That's me!" and points to a photo on one of our walls. She is so proud to be in them and I'm so proud to share those memories with her. Some of our favorite books to "read" is the photo albums I've created from our family photos.

Want a sneak at a family slideshow?

The slideshows and films I create always make me cry.. lol.

So, how much does a Charlotte family photographer cost?

The prices are all over the place, it just comes down to your budget, what you value, and what kinds of photos you want to represent your family. A photographer will not be offended if you ask how much their prices are and turn them down because it is not within your budget.

My advice is to set aside a budget and what you want for your photos and for your memories. I personally have spent a LOT on particular family photographers, ones I had to save and budget for and I do NOT regret those sessions one bit (my husband agrees with me on this one!)