Monroe Science Center | Monroe, NC

If you are in need of some fun family time, indoors away from the heat, away from the cold, or just don't want to be outside, I recommend giving the new science center in Monroe a chance. It was perfect on a weekday morning when my 9 year old had no school and other schools were in session. She and I brought my dad, we had almost the entire place to ourselves with only a select other patrons. I definitely recommend it for children Kindergarten and up. There is an area for younger children with a big water table, puzzles, and some other fun things, but if you have an older child they are going to want do do the VR games and other "experiments" without interruption. There is also a sensory room for if your child gets overwhelmed and needs some quiet time. They thought of everything.

The very first thing we did was the paper airplane shooter. There is a table that has paper and different ways you can fold your airplane, or you can attempt your very own creation. That was our favorite spot of the entire place. The airplane shooter is pretty cool, I wish we had one at our house. You see how well your airplane can fly and if you can make it into one of the suspended rings. I have to take a bow at this one, my airplane flew the best! Woop!

Airplane making table at Monroe Science Center
Girl getting ready to launch a paper airplane while grandpa records on his phone at Monroe Science Center
Girl's hand hitting launch on a paper airplane shooter at Monroe Science Center
granddaughter and grandfather shooting a paper airplane at Monroe Science Center

Virtual Reality in Monroe

These virtual reality seats were a lot of fun. They can make you slight dizzy, but still fun. There are 3 different options you can choose from (I believe they will be adding more, or changing them out from time to time). Right now we did the roller coaster, the Mars landing, and the game which was a star fighting game where you get to shoot with the little clickers.

girl and man playing a virtual reality game at Monroe Science Center
girl wearing virtual reality glasses at Monroe Science Center
Man sitting in virtual reality game at Monroe Science Center

Games and Exhibits

There were many different exhibits. There is a moon landing game and a Mars rover game. You can go inside a hurricane simulation (no extra cost), drive a car simulation game that moves, there is a mini planetarium space, a history exhibit that will rotate every 6 months, a large light bright to play with and so much more. If you're looking for a couple of hours of fun time on a rainy, cold, or too hot day, definitely take a drive out to the Monroe Science Center.

girl and man playing games at Monroe Science Center
girl standing in hurricane simulator holding her ears at Monroe Science Center
girl standing in front of colorful lights casting a shadow at Monroe Science Center
man and girl play with large light bright game at Monroe Science Center
man playing with magnetosphere exhibit at Monroe Science Center
man playing race care VR game at Monroe Science Center
Girl playing VR racing game at Monroe Science Center
Girl watching balls hover at Monroe Science Center