Over the past two weeks I have been participating in the first section of a class that started called At Play with Illuminate Classes. The first week was a study and practice with the second week being practice that goes toward submitting your work for the first part of lessons. Between work, parenting, and living, it was a lot, but I did it, lol!

I have really been wanting to tap into more creativity lately and this class has been the answer! Learning to break the rules, follow new rules, use editing techniques I don't normally do (ie.. black and white images), and really, just having fun with my camera again, has been freeing and also a challenge (which was much needed).

I wanted to share some of the images I have made from the past week that I thought were fun. The image to the right is called a diptych, something I had never even thought of doing before to add to the storytelling of my images.

If you're feeling stuck creatively or really in life, I highly recommend taking a class of sorts or joining some outing (book club, etc.), so good for the soul.

Girl playing foosball at Camp North End
Girl looking at dog in Camp North End
Girl playing on play equipment at Sno Ball Cabin
Panning image of girl on play equipment at Wise Acres
High Key image of young girl
Low key image of young girl
light painting image of sidewalk chalk
sidewalk chalk
sidewalk chalk image