Taking newborn photos in Charlotte homes are some of my very favorite sessions. I love seeing how excited siblings are about becoming the big brother and sister.

3 siblings cuddled together on a rocking chair

With your first baby, the newborn session is pretty quiet. I love seeing how moms and dad unite on nap times, bottle feedings, and there is lots of cuddles and hugs when baby does let out some cries, and even when they don't. BUT, during the newborn session for your second (and in this case third) baby, the noise level is much different. The cuddles are almost too tight and cause the crying, but it is also so sweet. The excitement of becoming big brother and big sister overwhelms the kiddos at times and I love seeing it. The chaos of toys and giggles, fights and laughter, the excitement is just as much for me as it is for them. Seeing mom and dad unite in a totally different way when there are more kids involved is just as sweet.

Whether it is your first baby or your fourth, and you're in the market for newborn photos in Charlotte, I would love to chat with you. Stress-free and fun, I will photograph your chaos and your sweetness. Fill out my Contact Form and let's talk.

Sister looking at her newborn brother while mom changes his diaper
Older siblings cuddling on the floor with their newborn baby brother in their Charlotte home
Young girl standing on chair in baby nursery to see her baby brother on changing table
Newborn laying on changing table while mom changes diaper
Mom sitting on chair cuddling her newborn in the nursery of her Charlotte home
Mom sitting on chair cuddling her newborn in the nursery of her Charlotte home
Young boy cradles his new baby brother in the baby's nursery
Young boy holds his new baby brother
Brother holds his new baby brother
Big brother holding and smiling at his new baby brother
Young girl having her new baby brother being placed in her arms by her older brother
Young girl embracing her baby brother in his nursery
Child lays on their bedroom floor
Young girl standing in front of a princess dress in her bedroom
Young girl deciding on what to wear from her dress up clothes
Parents watch their young daughter playing dress up in her Charlotte bedroom
Young boy playing with Legos on the floor
Boy plays with Legos on the floor while his family sits on the couch
Boy playing with Legos in his playroom
Dad playfully carrying his daughter

Don't forget Family Films!!!

Sometimes we need more than just the photograph to remember those long days with a newborn. Those little movements, the sounds of your kiddos, the silliness, the every day magic.