As soon as I met Christa and her beautiful family I began to adore them. She and her husband had recently moved the Charlotte, NC and purchased their dream home made by Pike Properties. We took photos of this sweet family that captured them just as they were in this stage of life, enjoying their new home in all of it's amazing glory. As a Charlotte, NC lifestyle family photographer, this is one of the reasons I am so drawn to this style of photography, I love being able to document families and give them tangible memories of who they were in that exact moment in time. Nothing feels staged or stiff – I welcome you to come as you are!

When I first walk into a family’s home, I always ask to take a look around. I like to see where the best lighting is and also take a peek at the most used spaces, to see what is important to each family. It does not matter if your home is large or small, it is your safe haven, your child's comfy space, it will be the perfect backdrop for your session. We spent a lot of time in the comforts of their living room because the light was just incredible! If you haven't ever seen a Pike home, you should definitely check out their website or socials because the detail and work they put into each home is stunning.

Because of the pandemic, their furniture took a little longer to come in, but luckily everything arrived in time for our session. Their gorgeous furniture came from Restoration Hardware. (Also, because of the pandemic I double mask and give more space with families then I used to.... oh how I can't wait until the day we can be closer again and I don't fog up my camera eye piece). Dad and Daughter played their guitars and sang together, Mom and Son read his favorite monster book together, we played with their Golden Retriever puppy, Rocky, spent some time on their awesome back porch, and had some front porch cuddles.

Enjoy some highlights from our gorgeous session together, you can even watch the photos in a slideshow, I just love sharing this sweet family. Also, if you're looking for a unique family session, please reach out with any questions or interests. I'd love to help give you some amazing family photos too, all families are unique and all families are welcome in front of my camera! Contact me HERE.

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