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Ahhhhh, y'all! I am obsessed with this family photo session! The Joli family is so cute and they have such a fun backyard that I am so excited to share with you. As a family photographer, I am always excited to capture the families at home where they are the most comfortable and can be themselves. Covid has put a bit of a damper on going inside your homes and taking photos, but we can have just as much fun outdoors and in your own yards like I did with the Jolis at their Charlotte home.

They recently had a session with me this past winter at their old house, recording a morning in their life to remember the days in the first home they bought together and brought their kiddos home to when they first moved to North Carolina. Now, six years later, they have purchased their dream home in Charlotte, NC. It is absolutely charming and in such a wonderfully developed area. The yards are so big with plenty of space to run, play, garden, and..... SWIM!

Jolis, I am so grateful to have had the chance to photograph you all again in your beautiful new home. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous because of the awesome people you are and the incredible home you are creating together.

Dad cleaning pool for Charlotte, NC family photos
Parents enjoying a drink by the pool for family photos
Preschooler playing on porch for backyard family photography session in Charlotte, NC
Daughter holding her teddy bear in screened in porch for family photos in Charlotte, NC
Family dog posing for Charlotte, NC family portraits
Little girl touching flowers in backyard
Parents pushing daughter on swings during Charlotte, NC family photo session
Young girl swinging on swing during her fun family photos
Young girl sitting on swing set during documentary family photography session in Charlotte, NC
Teddy bear on a swing
sisters playing on swing set in backyard
Parents kissing on swing set during Charlotte family photos
Family looking at their backyard garden in Charlotte, NC
Family checking on their backyard garden in Charlotte, NC
Dilworth family enjoying their backyard garden
Little girl exploring her Charlotte, NC garden
Dilworth family portrait
Dilworth family laughing in their backyard
Young Charlotte girl making a silly face during family photos
Charlotte, NC little girl playing by her pool
Dad jumping into his pool
Dad throwing little girl in air in the pool
Dog greeting his owner by the pool in Charlotte, NC
Mom playing with her daughter in their Charlotte, NC pool
Dad and daughter in their Dilworth pool
Mom and Daughter in their Charlotte, NC pool
Mom drying off daughter by the pool in Charlotte, NC
Mom and daughter sitting by their pool in Charlotte, NC backyard family photos
Family playing in their Charlotte, NC pool
Funny pool sign in Charlotte, NC backyard