Okay... to say I'm obsessed with the R family, their home, and how their photos turned out is an understatement. I randomly met Mom on a local "Mom's group" Facebook page and it was a match made in heaven for us to meet. Not only do I love working with them, but so does my camera! The lighting in their house is dreamy. I also love all of the use of natural colors and textures are used around their home. The wood grains look stunning against the light bright walls. Also, that dreamcatcher... she made it!

It's so hard to believe I did these photos when Baby "B" was only 6 months old {spoiler alert, I just took his one year photos}. B was so interested in my cameras. Sometimes he would stare right into the lens as if he was inspecting it and other times he would smile right at it, as if he knew exactly what I was doing. Such a curious little guy he is. Six months old is probably my favorite "baby" age. They are such interesting little beings at that age.

Mom and Dad are an amazing team. They spent equal time taking care of B and each other. They checked in with one another and both are so involved in the parenting. I also can't help, but to reminisce on those peaceful "only child" days. It was so quiet. Yes, there was music playing and we chatted, but there was no chaos. Everything was so simple and serene in their cozy Charlotte home.

The R Family had me do a family film for them while I was there, and oh how happy this one makes me!