Backyard Family Photos in Matthews, NC

The Session.

I looked forward to this session for a year! I have been so so lucky to photograph these amazing humans for the past four (possibly five, my old lady brain can't remember) years and I'm always excited to see them. I can't remember what I ate yesterday for breakfast, but I can remember each session I've had with them. When I see them every year, it doesn't even feel like it has been a year between sessions! Mom and I always talk for a while after their session and last year she knew that her next session was going to take place around their fire pit with smore´s. LOVE! Now I always start their sessions on their front porch, so let's start there.

The best thing about this years session was Mom wanted everyone to be undeniably themselves! They went to the Renaissance festival earlier that day and the boys had some body paint done, and they rocked the looks! I did edit a couple of photos to edit out the face paint on their oldest boy, but most I left it on. (I did send both copies of the ones I edited because the real ones are just too good.) You'll see two copies of the same photo below.

Also, can we talk about their furriest son?!? He is the BEST dog! How fun is he? It's like he KNOWS to get in the photos!

The backyard.

Their backyard is so cool. They have a spiral staircase, a drop down yard that leads to woods where they have a treehouse built during the first year of the pandemic (weird to say that, huh?), and watching their cat stalk little critters back there is so interesting. Last year one of the boys found a small garden snake that I 100% backed away from.

You can tell this was something they enjoyed doing together because their oldest knew how to pile set up the fire pit just right. Their pup was surely hoping some nom noms would fall on the ground.


Sorry, I can't stop sharing. I feel like I must in order to tell their whole story. It's so worth sharing. The little details of their oldest son even sitting on mom's lap. Like, how many more times will that natural little interaction happen as he grows up?

The moment.

There is always a moment during a session when I know that my "favorite" photo has occurred and I can't wait to get home and edit it... below is that moment. Mom loved it too! Gah, I love these humans!

Have your own story to tell? The moments and favorite times you want your family to always remember?

It's simple, fun, colorful, creative and your kiddos will probably ask me to stay at the end. lol