What should we wear????

Oh yes, that is usually the number one worry about getting your family photos (well that and cleaning your home, but we will get into that another day, lol). What is the best part of a documentary family photography session with me in Charlotte? There is NO NEED WORRY and go shopping for new outfits! Unless of course you really want to have an excuse for new clothes, than get out there and shop!

Really, I just want you to be comfortable and feel like yourself, and that goes for the rest of your crew too. Your favorite jeans and t-shirt may make you feel your most confident, so please, by all means, wear those!

Mother laughing with son and daughter on her couch
Family smiling on their living room couch

Be Yourself + Feel Great

You can one hundred percent wake up on the day of your session and decide what you'd like to wear! No judgments here, I probably wouldn't even know, my only piece of advice would be to have all of your laundry cleaned so you could go through it.

If you're more like me however, you're going to want your most favorite clothes ready to go on the day of! Make sure your outfit looks and feels like you! If you do that, you'll be so comfortable in your photos and look like the lovely person you truly are and won't have to second think "how do I look?" (You'll look great no matter what by the way, you're gorgeous!)

MOM! I'm talking to YOU! Don't overthink, and pick something that YOU feel good in!

Family laughing together at the kitchen table
Three girls dressed up for Halloween in their Charlotte home


If your kiddos argue with you about what they are wearing.... they probably won't relax for the photos, matter-of-fact.. they won't relax and with documentary photography that's what everyone should be doing. The more comfortable your kiddo is, the better for everyone!

I have one child who wants to wear dresses everyday and my other one only wants to wear jeans and t-shirts, I just let them be them and usually all of the photos I take a on a daily basis are amazing because they show off who they truly are! When your kiddos look back at these photos, they don't want to be triggered with memories of fighting with you about clothes, they just want to relive the fun!

So if wearing a superhero cape or mismatching socks is something they do everyday... you'll be glad it is in the photos because one day you may not even know where that cape is (or they will be so big and stink up the house with dirty matching socks, or still mismatched, lol)

Young boy makes funny face while mom cradles newborn in background
Family of five all talking amongst themselves on their couch with their dog
Family cuddles with their dog and each other on their screened in porch


I LOVE colors! Some people shy away from color because it can be hard to pick from, I get it! If something one of you is wearing is patterned, you simplify everyone else's outfits and pull colors from one persons outfit into separate pieces for the rest. I would pick some neutral colors and add touches of fun colors like teal, yellow, pinks, blues.

Some great places to shop for kiddos are Boden, Primary, & Hannah Anderson. All of these shops have clothes for both kiddos and parents in great colors and prints!

Young red haired girl makes pancakes in her Charlotte home
Family of four making pancakes together in their kitchen
Mom sits with her two young sons and dog on playroom floor

Last, but NOT least... Pajamas!!!!

Llama llama wear those pajamas! I mean, it doesn't get any more real and comfortable!

Young couple enjoy a beer together in their Charlotte area kitchen

Wrapping up....

Dress for you and no one else, dress for the occasion, dress for the weather, dress for the comfort.... and only match if you're in your pajamas, lol! Also, too much black or big logos, steer clear of those if you can.

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