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What is a documentary family photo session?

You're googling for a family photographer in Charlotte, NC and you have found so many different photographers and are not sure on which to choose. You may have an idea in mind of what you're looking for or you're open to new ideas and different styles, but you're a little nervous to break out of the mold of traditional family photos, and also know that your kiddo(s) and partner are not fans of getting their photos taken. So, if you're reading this, you may have found my site and be wondering what exactly does a documentary family photo session look like.

To start, I will get a few "lifestyle" family portraits of everyone looking at the photo... or best we can if you have little ones or teenagers (lol). This photo is the one most people want, or think they want, and it makes grandma happy!

A Charlotte, NC family smiling at the camera while sitting on their living room couch

Now, let's talk about the "What" a documentary family photo session is... It is a relaxed photo session that takes place in your favorite place (usually your home), where everyone gets to be themselves! Kiddos get to share their favorite toys and play their favorite games, partners get to sneak away for spurts of time to take breaks from photos and when they watch their kiddos having fun, they usually join in it, and YOU get to be IN the photos... obviously you'd be in traditional photos too, but these are the photos your kids will look back and remember the day, these are the photos that will spark the memories of their childhood and of YOU. These are the photos that you always hope your partner takes of you in, but you end up having of everyone else.

A mom playing with her two young sons on their playroom floor

Documentary photos are the ones that make you feel. They bring back the emotions of the moments when your kiddos loved to wear 500 bandaids, but didn't really need them, how they would snuggle into your lap while playing with dinosaurs, and how their stories would last forever with tons of "and then"'s.

A dad and his two daughters playing outside in the backyard in the sprinkler

A documentary family session can look so many different ways. Some families are nervous in front of the camera, and that is okay, you may need some direction, I can help you with that. Then there are other families that will get the "smiling-at-the-camera" photos done and then just ease into their day while I photograph them like a fly on the wall. When you book a session, I will send you a questionnaire that helps me get to know your family, this will help me with planning your session and get a feel for how your family works. Together we will plan on what to do during your session, timing of your session, and all the spaces that are important for you to have photographed.

A young boy eating Cheerios while his parents watch

Through documentary family photography, your family's story gets told. Family life is chaotic and not always perfectly curated, there is beauty in the ordinary because your ordinary is unique. These everyday moments that are captured in an artistic way will hold real meaning for your children as they grow up, these images tell the story of their life with YOU.

A cute Sedgefield Charlotte family cuddling on their front door opening

So, what can I do for you? As your Charlotte family photographer I will take amazing, stress-free photos of your family at home so that you have real memories to share with your children that don't make them ask "where are you mom?"

Want more detailed info? Fill out the contact info below and I will send you more information to get you in front of my camera and amazing family photos in your hands!

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