It's the little things...

Besides what to wear, the other top worry of my clients is always their home. The worry of it not being perfectly clean or magazine worthy or "finished." Once they get their photos back, I never get a response back wishing their house looked different, they don't see the mess or the unfinishedness (is that a word?), they see the memories. They see the magic in the messes. The happiness that was had in that moment. When they look back in a couple of years they may miss the weird wallpaper, well, maybe not miss it, but laugh at it. The photos hold the memories of the feelings that we have right now, the little things we may not have one day. One day, your child won't hold that dirty teddy bear everyday. They won't use the pacifiers that are left everywhere. Sadly, I have a client who has lost one of their children and they don't have the Lego mess from him anymore. The effort he put into those Legos and the pain she felt stepping on them, that's something she will always want back, so hopefully the photo is a simple reminder of the joy he had playing with them.

Everything changes, all the time! This is why you will see random photos of things around your house mixed in with your family photos when I come to your home and photograph you all. This is why I walk quietly around your house and admire every crayon marking on the shelf, the snack schedule written on your fridge, the art your child made in school, the photos hanging on your walls. Your story is all over your home, it's important, and I don't want you to forget.

Children's artwork (Genius storytellers)

Oh there are so many ways to store their art, print their art in books, hold on to the art, but we can't possibly keep it all. Every kid is little artist. They have the freedom to simply put crayon to paper and go with the flow. I truly believe we should be more like them and do this more often, color adds so much to our lives. I love the way families display kid art: display stations, fridge, framed. I love seeing when kids use tape in all different lengths to hang it on doors, you can see their pride.

Children draw their family, their favorite places, they tell theirs and your story in the most compelling way.

Children's artwork hangs on Charlotte family home, photo taken by Charlotte photographer
Children's artwork sits on Charlotte house floor, photo taken by Charlotte photographer
Children's artwork sits on windowsill
Children's artwork piled on table
Children's artwork hangs on Charlotte family home, photo taken by Charlotte photographer
Children's artwork hangs on Charlotte family home, photo taken by Charlotte photographer
Children's artwork hangs on Charlotte family home, photo taken by Charlotte photographer
Children's artwork hangs on fridge

I don't know what is more compelling here, the sunlight in the window or the child's artwork, or the mix of both of nature's perfect storytelling.

Sun beams through window while child's artwork hangs on wall
The Mess

There will always be "mess". For years there will be toys. Annoying dollar store toys from grandparents and aunties/uncles. Amazing Lego cities. Old blocks you used as a child. The latest action figures and tons of Barbie's. These messes will even be at grandparents houses from time to time. They will leave books on the floor and puzzle pieces to be found after you've already donated them. One day, you'll miss the mess. Is it annoying sometimes? Yes, but is it life worthy of photographing and remembering? 100% YES!

baby books scattered on floor of living room
Harry Potter Legos built in child's room
baby blocks in a basket
legs and children's toys in baskets on floor
oh the food!

Kiddos are little crumb creators. They can make crumbs out of lollipops and have crumbs in places they shouldn't... the couch, lol. They are messy little beings. They leave sprinkles from donuts all over their chairs, toys on the kitchen table, have schedules you'll one day never remember you had to follow because snack schedules change to soccer ones. All worthy of your story, your family memories.

first birthday cake smash leftovers on floor of deck
child's toy sits on family breakfast table
child's chair and plate with sprinkles leftover
baby snack schedule on fridge
Charlotte family kitchen
Oh baby!

The room will change. The pacifiers and butt wipes will be a thing of the past. The board books you say you have too many of will be books you miss reading that you once had memorized. The name garland your mother-in-law made that you have packed in a box in your attic will bring back memories. The art you painted on their walls will one day be painted over and the artwork you framed will be replaced with music posters. These little pieces of your story, they need to be documented.

crib with pacifiers in it
baby changing table
nursery with shelves and baby toys and books
animal artwork in nursery with hanging mobile
nursery painted with space on wall

All of your shelves, your walls, your plants, your camera collection, your artwork, your funny word signs... they share so much with me. I love your story. Your family is one of a kind, colorful, unique. I love having you share your story with me and in turn, trusting me to tell yours.

needlepoint artwork on wall of flowers in Charlotte home
camera collection on shelf
artwork in a Charlotte home
pink letter board