We were supposed to meet up in mid November in Charlotte, but the rain was not our friend that day we had initially planned for. We were able to reschedule our session for another day in Matthews, NC right before I travelled to Ohio with my family for Thanksgiving. I had a couple of other sessions that day too, and theirs was the last of my day. It was a little windy throughout this day, but by the time I met up with this cute family, it ended up being very windy. We did have to hide from the wind a bit, but the sun was beaming as was this adorable family!

I initially met their little one before I met Mom & Dad. I did school photos for her daycare and she was too cute during her session at the school. When Mom contacted me about doing their family photos I was sold on the idea right away after remembering how fun this little girl was. She gave her mama the best cuddles and I absolutely love how Dad shines when he is with his ladies. The parents are laid back and are so easy to work with. Dad is a musician, Mom works in the city, and their little one is adorable and gives the best facial expressions.

Little girl getting swung by her parents
Couple gazing at each other in Matthews, NC
Family laughing together in historic Matthews, NC
Family in the sunset in Matthews, NC
Little girl with her parents in front of window
Mom and daughter hugging in the sunset
Family cuddling from the wind in Matthews, NC
Family snuggling in Matthews, NC
Family smiling in photo session in Matthews, NC
Husband and wife laughing with each other