Grace | Tennis Girl nation

Lifestyle Branding Session | CHARLOTTE Brand PHOTOGRAPHER

Last summer I met Grace Melrose, photographed her playing tennis and did some tennis branding portraits {which you can see in this post}. That meeting was an odd one as we were guided together via an outside source {LONG story}, but it was a also a good meeting for she and I because we had the opportunity to meet and follow along on one another's journeys. I noticed her journey was growing quieter than what I expected this past winter. You see, when I met Grace, I learned about the business she was working to create {Tennis Girl Nation} and as I followed her on Instagram, I saw that the goal was a big one.

One day in early spring, she made a post that spoke to me, not directly {lol}, but I understood her. You see, she learned a very hard and debilitating lesson in business, a lesson that no one should ever have to go through, monetarily, mentally, and was being prevented from reaching her goals. I reached out to her privately, something inside me told me that we should connect again and while I know this story is sounding strange and random, just know that Grace is stronger than ever, a woman filled with ambition and grit. A force of strength that formed out of a hard lesson and a growth of ambition that is leading her to even bigger goals. Goals that are being smashed. From losing money, learning the process of being a business owner, who to trust, stepping in front of the camera for the first time; Grace has conquered so many obstacles to be in the place that she is in now.

Grace has started Tennis Girl Nation, an online tennis academy for competitive girls {ages 8 - 18} who want to reach their full potential. She is especially excited to be in a male dominated sport of coaches to be a strong female voice for these young girls to look up to.

I'm so grateful that we connected again, on our own terms, and with open communication with no in-between. I was able to get to know her and really hear what she wanted to do with her business. We were able to share business advice and have a fun branding session in her home where we had the best time getting to know one another.

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