Davidson Family Photographer

The Session

Let's cut to the chase... your children should be photographed at every stage and age!

Yes, those little alien babies are so squishy, sweet, and the days are fleeting.

Those toddlers are even more squishy and full of independence that is somewhat cute at that age, they're really coming into themselves.

Those little kiddos are just so amazing and will do fun things for family photos like piggy backs and jumping off the couches.

Let's skip some years here... you're so busy with baseball practices, dance competitions, school days, after school days, and then autumn came and you forget to get that "ideal" fall family photo (insert *sigh*.... if you've been following along with me I think you might know how I feel about squeezing in Fall photos). Also, that pre-teen angst, dare I mention it?

Oh, those senior photos, right back in front of the camera, only by themselves. Your gorgeous young adult, going off on their own..... (you should all hop in some photos with teenagers, we will save that for another day).

Let's get back to those middle years.. the ones we skipped. The ones where older kids and pre-teens NEED the photos. They NEED the reminder that they are just as sweet, cute, fun, and gorgeous at this middle, slightly awkward stage. They NEED the reminder that you're a loving, fun, awesome family no matter how busy you all are and may forget to eat dinner together because of the busy. Despite possibly fighting the idea of being in front of the camera, it boosts their confidence to see themselves in photos and to see them in photos WITH you, being LOVED by YOU.... these days are important my friend!

When planning their session, I asked Mom if there were any particular everyday moments she would like captured... her answer, "not really anything in particular... just this stage in life where the kids still like us even though they are becoming more independent." I LOVE this. I know she's kidding and the kids will like and love them forever.... but, there may come a time when they never want to leave their room at all, lol. Open those bedroom doors and get everyone in the photos!

Young boys feet under a table with light hitting his legs
Mom reaching over her daughter and pinching her son's cheek on the couch
close up of a father's arm with a tattoo hugging his son
A mother looking at her tween daughter on the couch and smiling
A tween girl looking and talking to her mother
A young boy sitting on his dad's lap and holding his mom's hair against his cheek
Kids rolling their eyes while mom and dad look at each other lovingly
Family of 5 and their dog sitting and smiling on the couch in their Davidson home


When Mom told me about their home, she mentioned the light in her home. Oh, how I love when people notice these things about their home. Now, Mom is an artist. She does amazing, colorful film photography, so light is definitely something she would take notice of. She also mentioned how they love to read, cuddle on the couch, and spend time in the screened in porch. I'm here for all of those things!

Father and tween daughter sitting on a couch together
Young boy crawling off a couch by his family's feet
Parents and sister looking down and talking to boy laying by their feet
A father reading a book to his family while piled on a couch
A father reading a book to his family while all sitting on the couch
books and cameras
A young teenage girl sitting on patio chair and reading in the sun
A young boy standing in an open screen doorway
A wife looking at her husband lovingly on outdoor patio with kids around them
A dad looking surprised at his son's roar
Green and blue sea glass wind chime
Family sitting in a screened in patio while painting


Just like any age, allow your children to be themselves and share in their interests with them. If they're creative and enjoy painting or drawing, let's do it! If they love Nerf gun fights, we can do that too... just watch the camera, lol.

Young girl painting with flowers on the table
Three kids painting while their mother watches and smiles
A father reaching for paint and his family does watercolors at the patio table
Above head shot of a family painting and drawing in their Charlotte NC home
Three kids painting while their mother watches and smiles
Three children painting and drawing
Paintbrushes on the table while children do watercolors

The Backyard.

One place I always love to get into if it's nice out is the backyard! This family loves being together outside and when they're not sneaking off to visit family at the beach, they enjoy their garden and yard. No matter the age, we all love exploring the outdoors.

Little boy climbing a tree in his Charlotte backyard
Boy climbing a tree in his Charlotte backyard
Mother and young teenage daughter lying together on a hammock in their Charlotte backyard
Mother smiling and holding her son in their backyard
Mother and father talking and smiling with their son
Husband and wife smiling and hugging on a hammock together in there Charlotte, NC backyard
Husband and wife smiling and laughing while their children talk behind them sitting outside
Husband and wife embracing in their Charlotte garden
Mother hugging her son and dad pulling his feet in their garden
Husband and wife embracing in their Charlotte garden
Parents and their son posing and smiling for the camera while standing in their garden
Mother and son sharing a yard chair and playing with their dog
Father swinging his young son in the yard while mother and other son watch and smile
Three siblings hugging and smiling while standing in the garden


Most importantly... Mom is always the one behind the camera.... we made sure she was in plenty of photos with her kiddos and grabbed a few where she is the star, as all moms should.

A woman sitting on a chair in her screened in porch smiling off camera
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