This year Mom knew she wanted something a little different from her regular family photos, she wanted to capture who her kiddos really are and enjoy the morning at home with her family. The boys showed me all of their dinosaur toys, enjoyed some cuddles on the couch, explored the backyard {including their basketball court!}, and finished off with some yummy popsicles. Their home was so unique and the light was amazing, they just moved in, so I'm really hoping next year we can explore more of the house and photograph the color I know mom will be adding!

Photography at home is not only comfortable, but dad can take breaks, watch football, and if you're lucky like the J family, play basketball. There is no bribing for smiles with snacks, you can simply photograph the memory of their favorite snacks. Also, MOM is in the photos in her own home, the place she fills with warmth and all of her incredible mom-ness. When your children grow up, they will look back and think of the home they grew up in, the one you made a safety space, the one you were in with them, so get IN that picture... at home.

Amazing family photos are one click away! Whether your family is filled with furbabies or cutie babes, contact me and we can start planning your family session.