The Session.

"We had our little girl 15 months ago and she is the absolute light of our lives!" As soon as I read that quote by Mom, I knew I was going to love this session. I know, I know we all love our kids, but I remember the days of just my husband and I with our first little girl and they were so quiet, and calm, despite us thinking it was hectic at times. That chunk of time is so precious for me to look back on and I wanted to capture that feeling for this amazing family. I know they cherish this time with her and I just hope this short time I spent with them holds treasured memories for them to look back on.

When Mom reached out to me and we stared discussing their session and what it would look like, this is what she told me: "Morning time brings some of the sweetest moments for our family, we all sit on the couch together under the Christmas tree while she slowly wakes up, has her bottle and snuggles under a blanket with us. She recently started saying a few words; Mama and Dada. She LOVES to play hide & seek/peek a boo, and has started saying "boo" while we chase her around the house and get the biggest smiles out of her. She also loves when you say "where's your belly?" and she lifts up her shirt and points to her belly button." Gah! The sweetest, right?


Their house is gorgeous, filled with precious memories, and is in such a charming neighborhood. They're really fortunate to have great neighbors with toddlers all around them too. When we went outside they all lit up when they saw their neighbors, you can literally see it on their faces, it was the sweetest.

The memories.

Mom really wanted some of the things they do everyday captured. Photographing a toddler, I never know if they are going to be super shy and take a while to warm up making it a little harder to capture all the things OR are they going to be really outgoing and love the camera.... Someone was up for ALL the fun and LOVED the camera! LOL! Let's dive into some of the toddler adventures: "Reading books, airplane, playing in the playroom/imaginative play, hanging on the couch, close up candid shots of her many faces!"

Favorite Photo.

As always, I ask my client to tell me about their favorite photo. I want to know what they SEE, what is in their heart when they see a photo that brings them back in time. The answers are always unique and they are usually of photos that capture feeling, a feeling I start watching for when I'm with them.

Mom: "My favorite photo from childhood is on a small row boat with my Mom. I'm a toddler, napping on a huge pile of life jackets in the sun in the middle of the boat and she is just joyfully looking at me."

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