Houseplant love...

This starting photos is ground zero. For 2023 I wanted to try to attempt a 52 week photo challenge. I tend to forget to do one, or get overwhelmed, etc. This year I wanted to focus on something I love and that doesn't move around... houseplants, specifically a new one that I have never had before, a string of pearls I bought from Twigs and Figs. She was a classy little baby plant that needed a new pot and name... and since she wears pearls, Jackie O'Houseplant seemed only fitting, that and my love of history. So, if you are interested to see this unique plant grow over the course of a year, I welcome you enjoy this growing blog post... see what I did there?

succulent sitting on white table with rainbow reflection

Week 1 (First week of January 2023)

She's repotted and looking lovely! Her "name" is Jackie O'Houseplant because she's a classy lady with pearls.

string of pearls plant on white table

Week 2

Not much has changed, but she's still super cute.

string of pearls plant picture from above on white table and colorful rug underneath

Week 3

It may not look like much has changed, but there is definitely some new growth taking form.

string of pearls plant in clay pot

Week 4

Rainy chilly days call for hanging out with your other plant friends... and would you look at that?!? Jackie is hanging over the side of her pot! (Want to see Leia her offspring... sounds crazy, right? Check it out HERE)

house plants on white table

Week 5

UGH to aphids and gnats! We've been attacked by evil little insects. She was washed up, given a gnat trap, and sprayed with organic neem oil. Here's hoping for a turnaround in the coming weeks.

house plant with gnat catcher in it

Week 6

She still has gnats and aphids, UGH again! If you look real close you can see the white aphid dots on her piece that is hanging over. The gnats aren't as bad. She was sprayed again with the organic neem oil and carefully wiped down with a wet towel before that. However, look at her growth! She is looking gorgeous!

house plants sitting on white table next to chair

Week 7

Okay, I got a really cool new tool that has been helping me know if my plants are getting enough light and water. I am still on my quest for getting rid of gnats, that sounds so gross! The aphids are on their way out (knocks on wood). So here is hoping we are gnat free soon. Look how much growth Jackie has though!

houseplant with water detector in it on side table