In Waxhaw, NC, there is an amazing girl who was granted the greatest 12th birthday gift, her parents bought her the horse she loves more than anything. Two months ago I had the absolute pleasure of spending some time with these two {& their mama} for some nice outdoor photography time.

Let's rewind some time, about three years ago my daughter {who was only three at the time!} wanted to go for a pony ride. I've always loved and ridden horses, but never that young. What I thought was a pony ride turned into a full on lesson and because of her fearlessness, she was able to start taking lessons. Fast forward a couple of months after she started lessons, I was watching all of the riders and there was a young nine year old girl who was riding a pony. If you know ponies than you will know they are not the easiest to train and ride. This young girl wouldn't take any sass from the pony. When it bucked, she would sternly say "NO", when it wouldn't trot, she would get her to trot, when the pony would want to turn left, this girl was strong enough to make her go right. They bonded and although stubborn, that pony met her match and that was from this beautiful blondie, Miss Z.

Z is kind, smart, thoughtful, determined, the list goes on. She is dedicated to her horse, to her sport, and to the work. She {and her sister} are so kind to my kiddo, that my kiddo almost never wants to be at the farm unless they are there. Her parents are wonderful human beings who are creative and giving. Her strength comes from them and theirs from her and her sister. Now they have Vixen. Vixen is a mustang, a once free-roaming horse who was rounded up. She was rescued as a baby and now she has met her own match. Z and Vixen fit together so easily, so perfectly, they are the definition of why a horse is girl's best friend.

Closeup of a girl and her horse in Waxhaw, NC
Girl leaning on her horse in Waxhaw, NC field
Girl standing next to her horse in a Waxhaw, NC field
Girl sitting on ground hugging her horse's head
Girl outside at sunset in a Waxhaw NC field
Young girl running in a field with her horse
Girl standing in front of her horse in Waxhaw, NC
Girl leaning against her horse in field
Girl holding onto her horse
Girl leaning on her horse in a Waxhaw, NC field
Girl dancing in field next to her horse
girl hugging her horse's head
girl running in a field with her horse
Girl in Waxhaw, NC standing in field
Girl looking at her horse

I'm a huge fan of family pets and I understand the importance of capturing them in your memories, they are family too! If you are ready to capture these important memories, let's get together and make some magic!