AMy & Miss T | Mother/Daughter Session

Shelby's Flowers, Mount Pleasant NC | CHARLOTTE Family PHOTOGRAPHER

In late June, Amy and her daughter T met me at Shelby's Flowers in Mount Pleasant, NC for a fun session in a field of wildflowers. It was beautiful out there, as were those two ladies. I absolutely love working with them any chance I get. The sky was a bit iffy as we pulled up to the field. There were dark clouds that passed over, as well as some loud rumbles of thunder and occasional rain, but we took our chances and had such a great time creating a beautiful portrait session for mom and her only daughter. Also, after we sat, ran, walked all around the flowers... I found a weaving spider right next to where I was the whole time. Beautiful creature, but eeeecccckkkkkk!!!

T is starting middle school this year! What a big change! Even though most of her schooling will be virtual, it is a vital time, middle school. So many changes!!!! It was important for mom {who also has two young boys} to have these special photos with her girl, to take advantage of the time and relationship they have with each other and capture it in such a special way. It is so refreshing to see their bond and to be able to help create those memories with them.

All too often, we get caught up in how cute babies are and take pictures of them everyday. Then those babies become cute and silly toddlers who have milestones they reach everyday that we snap away on our phones and hire photographers for each year of their birthday, awesome! Then the later elementary years come and they may not want to be photographed as much, but they'll smile for the camera... fast forward to their senior year of high school and they are the star of the show and once again, the camera is on them for an amazing senior session... Wonderful, BUT focus on the middle years. Yes, they can be crankier sometimes, moodier, super happy, want to be the center of attention, not want to be, mood swing city... all of the feelings, BUT {all capitals again} make a special day for them. Capture those memories. It can be as simple as you with your camera phone taking a selfie with them or taking a photo of them doing their favorite activity when you can catch a genuine smile. It can be setting up a special photo session where they get to pick out new outfits and it can be like a "senior" session. Let them know they are beautiful, that they matter, that they are smart, that they deserve to be seen because the middle years, they are the HARDEST. These are the years that self esteems change and they should know just how important and special they are because that one extra special day can help change how they see themselves for a life time.

Amy and T, I am so grateful to have had the chance to photograph you all again. Your photos are so beautiful because of the radiant smiles and genuine love you have for one another, never forget that. I’m so thankful that I was part of the experience to document the beginning of the middle school years and to showcase the bond you two have.

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Mom and daughter smiling in wild flowers in Mount Pleasant, NC
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