The resilient houseplant

When I was repotting my new string of pearls plant at the beginning of the year for my 52 week challenge (Click here to see all about Jackie O'Houseplant) my youngest daughter accidentally pulled off a string of the pearls... and by accident she didn't listen to "do not touch". Oh the drama that ensued between my oldest and youngest, until I pointed out that it will probably live and become its own plant (2 for the price of 1 people!). So, we excitedly embarked on placing her in a new pot and named her Leia because she is a strong rebel force like our favorite princess.

Why did I not photograph her from week 1? I don't know, I could kick myself. Maybe out of fear of failure, but that's silly, it's a lesson. I had no idea she would be so cool. So, she gets her start at week 3 of 2023.

Week 3

This is the week I realized she was rooted. Absolutely amazed at how resilient plants are!

week 4

She hadn't shown much growth, but she was hanging tough during the chilly rainy days with the other houseplants, lol.

week 5

Whoa to actual growth! She extended out!

week 6

The difference between week 5 and 6 is so cool. She grew right towards the side of the pot and has 2 extra pearls!

week 7

She got even longer! I will never not be excited about what nature does! Seeing the leaves grow on our backyard trees even has me excited right... It's the little things! See the shamrocks? I took 2 bulbs from a large shamrock plant I have had for over 10 years now and repotted them for my mom to have a shamrock plant. A month ago I thought I failed at the transplant, but they are now blooming with extra growth! We should have those repotted right around St. Patrick's Day for her!