Let's get straight to the point, the most important prop to bring to a family photo session is.... your kiddo's favorite lovey, toy, blanket, etc. Whatever that thing is that your kiddo can't put down or sleep without, bring it!

little boy holding his stuffed animal during family photo session in Charlotte, NC

The photos with their toy may not be your favorite, it may not be the one you hang on the wall or put in a photo album, but it will be one you cherish for a lifetime. It will be a memory worth treasuring when in twenty years you can't find that lovey anymore and your little one may have forgotten all about it. If your daughter loves her princess heels or your little guy loves his newest car toys he just got for his birthday, it's all a memory worth saving.

Little boy holding his toy cars in Colonel Francis Beatty park
Little girl reading a book at Glencairn Gardens
mom and son hugging and laughing
Little girl walking with her blanket towards family in Lake Park, NC family photos
Little boy taking photos with his camera
family standing in front of Jeni's Ice Creams in southend charlotte, NC
Little girl with play shoes in Matthews, NC
Little boy standing in front of the Confetti Wall with a transformer
Father and daughter at Colonel Francis Beatty Park
Little girl hugging stuffed animal in Colonel Francis Beatty Park
Little girl sitting with stuffed animals and bubbles in Glencairn Gardens
Little girl hugging her stuffed animal at Glencairn Gardens

Doing an at-home lifestyle session makes it easy to catch these memories because you are all in your own space, with all of your own favorite things, capturing life in the most authentic way.

Little boy playing with his Buzz Lightyear toy in his bedroom

If you're not doing an at-home lifestyle session and you're meeting for an outdoor family session, then you may want to hide the item in a backpack or purse for a while if you want to try and get some photos without the item, but if your babe is struggling with feeling comfortable in front of the camera OR you simply want to catch their real personality, bring it!

Also, don't forget your older babies too... they still play with toys and you may want to hide it in your bag as well.. LOL!

Young man texting on his phone
Young man texting on his phone in NODA

Ready to capture those heartfelt memories?