Mother's Day..... She has enough perfume, jewelry, and for heavens sake, don't buy the vacuum.... unless she asked for it of course!

For real though! Give that wonderful, special, awesome lady in your life the gift of memories, the gift of an easy and fun photo session. A session that is so easy you can all wear your pajamas, or jeans, and you all can sit back and relax at HOME (maybe even with a beer)! I can tell you that most moms want the photos, I've been told by moms that they'd love it if their husband thought of doing this as their gift, for moms to not have to organize the session... that's where I come in! I am here to help and make everything easy!

The past year has been crazy!

Mom has probably been a teacher, a worker, a homemaker, a partner, a cleaner, an artist, a balancing act beyond anything imaginable and in the end she's created amazing memories that she probably captured on her phone.... without her in them. This is her time to shine, to be in the photo, to be part of the memories and the history that she is creating. She deserves this!