Your investment.

Your experience.

Your story.

Right up front, your time is valuable as is mine. I wish it was as easy as showing up, taking photos & video, and just sending you a link, but it isn't. I'd get into the nitty gritty of monetary details, but nobody wants that. I want to make your memories shine, and you want to have those awesome memories to save and share!

Let's chat and go over the details


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"Sabrina is such a fun photographer not to mention so very patient. She has unique ideas and a very artistic way of making her ideas happen. Every photo she takes comes out perfectly and beautifully. I have used her two times and each time her photography went above and beyond. You can be sure that if you use her, you will be pleased by her flexibility, her artistic creativity, her willingness to take plenty of pictures for you, and the final products!!!"

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