A young woman stares at the camera through a mirror reflection inside Jeni's Ice Creams in Charlotte, NC


Portraits, whether they be of your small child or your graduating senior, do not have to be filled with a lot of props to show off who they are and tell their story. We are all filled with enough wonder and emotions that can tell our story in a unique location.

A young man stands on top of his car in front of the Charlotte city skyline
A young girl in orange stands in wild flowers in Charlotte, NC
Young woman sits in NODA alley way with graffiti around her
A young girl sits in a box and smiles
Young man stands among the eatery of Camp North End at dusk
Two young girls smile at each other while playing in the fall leaves
A young girl plays with a her dress while at Freedom Park
Young toddler boy stands in a greenhouse of flowers at Wise Acres Organic Farm
A young girl sits on her horse while leaning on her hand
Young girl smiles and laughs at Camp North End
Young girl excitedly looks at her ice cream cone from Jeni's Ice Cream in South End Charlotte
Young woman sits amongst yellow flowers in Camp North End
Young girl stands happily in front of the Krispy Kreme donut wall in Charlotte, NC
Young girl dances and twirls in a big pink dress in Freedom Park