photographer by day. tired mom by night.

Woman smiling at the camera and laughing while holding her camera

Hi! I'm Sabrina!

I love walks in my neighborhood and lazy days at home, family movie nights and board games. I'm endlessly working on embracing the chaos of a messy house, loud children, and a shedding dog, but these days are numbered and I love to photograph all of our sweet madness.

My mornings are fueled by coffee and my nights (well, not all) are fueled by wine... because of all the whines, lol.

I'm a little awkward, talk too fast when I'm nervous, love all things Harry Potter, Star Wars, and the color yellow.

My team.

My partners.

My muses.

My motivation.

Family of four sitting in their house doorway on the front porch

Photo by Magpie Love Photography

A little about me...

My favorites:

Star Wars
Harry Potter
Universal Studios
Disney World

Life with kids is a blur. It all goes by so fast. My job is to see the beauty + fun in your family love story and illustrate it in photos.

My Philosophy.

A family sitting on their couch comfortably with a newborn

When I show up for your session I will help put you all at ease, your partner included. I will photograph your real, everyday magic that is so fully your family, showcasing who you are & how you love.

My Philosophy.

Mother and daughter laying on a hammock together

I'm a wife and mom who can be self conscious at times and I too understand the awkwardness of being in front of the camera, but I honestly BELIEVE it is important!

My Philosophy.

A mother kissing her baby son's feet on their bedroom bed

Watch below and I'll show you just how awkward I can be.

Things I love...

the belly laughs of kiddos, listening to people tell their stories (than you podcasts), long walks in nature, my family's boxes of old photos, watching Star Wars and reading Harry Potter with my babes

My photography style.

I believe in your story, the story of family. If you want perfectly curated photos, that's great, but I won't give you those, I WILL give you true to life photos that tell your story... perfectly.

I believe...

in a JUDGMENT-FREE mentality! We judge ourselves enough. I am a progressive mind open to all different kinds of families. Love is love and that's what you'll get from me.

Awkward is my middle name. (& you thought it was Jill)

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A woman laughs while jokingly posing on her back in Camp North End

Now that you know me, I hope I'm someone you can feel comfortable being yourself with.

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